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Shockwave Light

This is a Great Self Defense Combo

And I have to admit - it packs so much power in such a small package it even scares me!

Because this new self-defense tool looks so innocent… but will drop a ripped 260-lb. man in 2 seconds or less and turn him into a whimpering pile I’m glad the manufacturers put a safety on it.

 And Now you Can Get The New XL Stun Club as a Bonus.

If you want to stay safe in a dangerous world I guarantee this tool will help.

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Pepper Spray & Stun Gun

With gun laws becoming ever more strict, Americans nationwide are turning to alternative weapons for Self-dDefense. This combo-pack offers buyers a chance to own 2 Self-Defense Products that are legal to carry in most every part of the country (some restrictions apply).

This combo pack combines a reusable, and ultra powerful police grade 18% pepper spray along with an ultra-discreet 3 million volt stun gun.

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Rechargable Battery

Say Goodbye to Conventional AA Batteries

If you like new inventions that make your life easier and help keep more money in your pocket, then I’d like to show you why you can say goodbye to buying AA batteries ever again.

AA batteries will never be the same again. The Ultra Charge AA battery is a USB-powered battery that can be charged by 100s of different devices. More powerful than standard AA batteries, this device also charges faster, weighs less and will save consumers money. Best of all,  It has the proven power and recharges from  Any Usb

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Don’t buy or build a shed without this…

If you are going to build or buy a shed, then make sure you know the process and the steps.  My good friend JB has written a new ebook “The Shed Building Guide – Advice From A Friend”.  Make sure you know the proper steps to get the shed you want for your home.  There are many steps in the process and if you don’t know the basics you could waste a lot of money.

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sleeping Bag

One of the most important survival tools of all time,
this incredibly lightweight sleeping bag has the power to protect you from the #1 killer in a crisis: exposure to the elements. This emergency bag also reflects 90% of your body heat back to you thanks to its durable space-age material. This ingenious device helps keep practically anyone warm and dry in bad weather.

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